Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer Review

Recently, I made the switch from using Shiseido's Tinted Moisturizer to Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer.

I had been going back & forth between bb creams & Shiseido's Tinted Moisturizer, but came to a conclusion that since it's summer time, I don't want to use bb cream that's going to make my skin look more white. It doesn't match my skin color for the summer (especially since I got a tan now). :-P

So, I had been using more of the Shiseido tinted moisturizer, but I started noticing that my skin kept getting more & more oily throughout the day & it was making me crazy because my mascara was running more & I could feel myself starting to break out more because of it.

Normally, I'd say I'm a combination skin type, but I have oily skin, so the tinted moisturizer by Shiseido was not helping me whatsoever. Then, I came across a review on summer makeup in the sun and how it looks natural & beautiful, and the product used was Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer (which contains spf 20).

I made a quick visit to my local Sephora & got one right away to try. My first impression of it was very good. With only the tinted moisturizer (which was a shade or two darker than my skin tone because it makes my skin glow more because of the summer time. I got the shade nude.), I get a natural & dewy look, which I think looks really nice. I just take a little bit of the tinted moisturizer & dot it on my face and spread with my hands (make sure your hands are clean), and that's it~

At the same time, if I add a bit of powder over it (in this case, I used MAC's Studio Fix in NC30), my face looks really matte, but flawless. I really love it! Everyone has been commenting me on how my skin looks amazing & whether or not I'm in love or something because I'm glowing. Haha. But, it's not it... I think it's just the makeup. :-D

Maybe I'll do another makeup tutorial video & show how I use this product in the video. I already did a natural tutorial look. Maybe I'll do an everyday makeup routine video? We'll see.

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~Sherr Bear ^_^