Sunday, May 16, 2010

Graduation & Update: 1000+ Subbie Giveaway Contest

I graduated this past Friday on May 14th! :-D It's pretty surreal. Everything went by super fast. I will not lie though... I sneaked my wristlet with my cell phone in it when I was there, so as I was waiting... I started texting my family & friends. It was kinda funny. :-P

Class of 2010! Yay!!!


Okay~ In other news... I know many people have been wondering when I'm going to do my 1000+ Subbie Giveaway Contest. With personal health issues, finals, graduation, laptop being broken, another personal family issue going on at the moment, & not having my 2 main prizes coming in yet, I'm not sure when it will take place.

I was thinking of doing the giveaway contest as soon as I received my 2 top prizes for the 2 giveaway contests that I'll be doing, BUT... I haven't received them yet, so I'm sorry for the delay.

If I feel that it will take longer than I'm expecting, I think I'll go ahead & have 2 of the giveaway contests that I will do (of the prizes that I bought myself) & just have more giveaways later on when the main prizes come in.

Thank you to everyone for bearing with me with all the stuff going on, especially since it's taking longer for me to post due to my laptop being completely broken now! :-)

I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart & that's why I decided to try & give back to my subbies by having the 1000+ Subbie Giveaway Contests. Please just keep checking back on my channel for further updates on the giveaway contests.

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Sherr Bear

Monday, May 3, 2010

Naive Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam by Kracie

Hmm... I recently started using a Japanese brand facial cleansing foam that my cousin bought me from Taiwan. It's by Kracie & it's called Naive. The cleanser is in a green bottle, which is the aloe cleansing foam.

My cousin told me that this cleanser is very good & popular in Taiwan.

After using it, I fell in love with the product~ :-) You don't need to use a lot when applying the cleanser on the face. It's not liquid-y like lotion, but more like slightly glue-y cleansers. Lol... I'm trying to figure out explain how it feels... haha. :-P

I've never used a cleansing foam like this, so I'm not sure what I'd compare it to.

So, this cleanser has a soft, light scent that is very sweet. I really like the smell! :-D I feel that this cleanser cleans, smoothes, and softens my skin. After I wash my face, I don't feel like I overwashed my face because it feels smooth and clean. My face doesn't feel like it wasn't washed either because I feel like the cleanser did it's job by removing the oily parts on my skin, but still keeping my skin hydrated & smooth.

I've heard other reviews on this product that it's good for clearing up acne & it's supposed to help people with dry, flaky skin by making their skin less flaky.

To apply this cleanser, you apply a small amount in your palm & emulsify with water, and then apply it to your skin/face.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this review!

*I am not paid to endorse any products, nor am I affiliated with any companies. This item was bought by my cousin & sent to me as a gift. Everything that I say in this blog is based on my honest opinion & is an honest review on how I feel about the product. I'm simply sharing my thoughts on the item.*

~Sherr Bear ^_^