Monday, May 3, 2010

Naive Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam by Kracie

Hmm... I recently started using a Japanese brand facial cleansing foam that my cousin bought me from Taiwan. It's by Kracie & it's called Naive. The cleanser is in a green bottle, which is the aloe cleansing foam.

My cousin told me that this cleanser is very good & popular in Taiwan.

After using it, I fell in love with the product~ :-) You don't need to use a lot when applying the cleanser on the face. It's not liquid-y like lotion, but more like slightly glue-y cleansers. Lol... I'm trying to figure out explain how it feels... haha. :-P

I've never used a cleansing foam like this, so I'm not sure what I'd compare it to.

So, this cleanser has a soft, light scent that is very sweet. I really like the smell! :-D I feel that this cleanser cleans, smoothes, and softens my skin. After I wash my face, I don't feel like I overwashed my face because it feels smooth and clean. My face doesn't feel like it wasn't washed either because I feel like the cleanser did it's job by removing the oily parts on my skin, but still keeping my skin hydrated & smooth.

I've heard other reviews on this product that it's good for clearing up acne & it's supposed to help people with dry, flaky skin by making their skin less flaky.

To apply this cleanser, you apply a small amount in your palm & emulsify with water, and then apply it to your skin/face.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this review!

*I am not paid to endorse any products, nor am I affiliated with any companies. This item was bought by my cousin & sent to me as a gift. Everything that I say in this blog is based on my honest opinion & is an honest review on how I feel about the product. I'm simply sharing my thoughts on the item.*

~Sherr Bear ^_^

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