Monday, November 23, 2009

Upcoming Projects

So, I'm working on a entry for QueenBeeuty's Lady Gaga's Make Up Artist contest~ I'm super excited! I get to be creative & funky. Haha. I'm trying to gather stuff together right now. I'm still trying to figure out clothing, but make up~ I have some ideas for that. :-)

Also, I'm going to be making a 2nd Youtube video of myself singing with some help from some friends. I think I will be doing that later on though. I've been busy with school.

I am also thinking about having a contest or giveaway for reaching 250 subscribers~ :-D Once I figure out what I want to do, I'll post a video on that too.

Hope everyone is doing well~

~Sherr Bear ^_^


  1. Youtube can be kinda weird I guess lol. It's cause we honestly do not know who all our viewers are!!! lol it's a hard choice to make. I hope over time those people I know will forget about my youtube (like my family) and then I can start posting again ^_^< hehehe

    I hope you have a great turkey day too!!!

    & I don't think you're a crazy person :P

  2. hi!!! nice blog... im jonathan from Philippines... i want you to become my friend...