Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whoa~ I need to update my Blogger

Haha~ I just realized I haven't updated my Blogger in awhile.

Hope everyone has been well. I see I've got a couple more followers. Awesome!

What have I been up to? Just school... really... That's about it. I've been so stressed lately.

I made a couple of new videos recently.

Here's my haul & loot video for 11-13-09. I talk about Ashley's handmade soaps, MTW Designs, & ELF make up. All their links are in the side panel for the video.

In case ya'll missed it, I did a "Rocker Chic" contest video for balletandpinkroses's 100 subscribers contest. That was fun... hehe. Very different & edgy from my normal look.

The more recent contest video I made was for ahanhbarbie34's 50,000 subsribers contest. Theme was "Alice" look~ Our interpretation of Alice~ I chose cute, girl next door~

Ideas for future videos~
Jewelry haul, singing video, make up collection, more Hello Kitty stuff~

I just passed 200 subscribers! Yay! I'm thinking about doing a contest or giveaway once I reach 250... Not too big though~ We'll see. I'm still thinking about it. Who knew, right? Just posting up videos on Hello Kitty & hauls... I didn't have that many subscribers before~ I think it's amazing & I'm very grateful.

~Sherr Bear ^_^


  1. nice meeting you too Sherr Bear!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! I really really appreciate that you have taken an interest in my jewelry! ^_^

    I've made an account on YT now, just no videos yet, but they will come in the future! =) I can't wait though, it looks really fun! But im a little nervous to be honest! >.<

    With love,
    Alice... x


  2. thanks for following!! congrats on 200 followers!