Monday, October 19, 2009

A look at prizes for MakeupAddict126's contest

My friend Julia (YT user: lovehellokitty2much) made a target makeup haul for her friend Geralyn (YT user: MakeupAddict126) because Geralyn was having a contest coming up for her 1000 subscribers contest. Geralyn was trying to get some people to help her with her contest, so Julia sent Geralyn some items.

I decided to help Geralyn as well, so I got some stuff together & decided to send her some Wet n Wild items, Revlon items & MAC Hello Kitty items. It's in my video here

I will be sending these items to Geralyn soon & if I get a chance to shop some more, I'll try and send out some more stuff. Ya'll should check out Geralyn's channel & subscribe to her & enter her contest. She's really nice & sweet.

Good luck to everyone entering her contest!

~Sherr Bear ^_^


  1. hi sherr....i havent commented u in a while...i have been uber busy!!!! :( how r u doing??? i hope ur doing good!!! ^^

    how was that play u had to go to for school??? :)

    message me when u can... :)


  2. Hi Sherr! Im Alice! I just subscribed to your blogger! I love your videos on Youtube! If i was on youtube i would sub you there too.. But im not... (yet XD)

    Just thought i'd leave a comment! ^_^

    Take care!