Saturday, October 17, 2009

Recent YT videos & Project(s)

Recent videos I made on YT:

Hello Kitty (HK) Target Haul:

DSK Favorites video (DSK Jewelry):

HK sale/gift haul video today of the stuff I got from Julia (YT user: lovehellokitty2much):

Another jewelry haul video of items I got from Ezzie (Ezziebell Jewelry):


~I am going to be doing a makeup haul for Julia (YT: lovehellokitty2much)'s friend Geralyn (YT: MakeUpAddict126) for Geralyn's 1000 subscribers contest. I think I'll post a video on what I got for her soon.
~I have also been doing some online shopping for handcrafted swarovski jewelry. I will probably make a video on those items I bought once I receive them.
~I was asked to do a video on my jewelry/accessory collection, as well as my make up collection. Not sure how I'd go about doing that yet, but I'll figure out something.. maybe split some stuff up so I can show a video of that.
~Of course.. since I'm a HK lover... If I purchase anymore HK items, I'll do more videos on that.

Take care everyone!

~Sherr Bear ^_^

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