Friday, October 9, 2009

Made some new videos on Youtube~

I made a video review on a Hello Kitty mini iPhone yesterday

I also made a video for a recent haul I did from Discount Dance, Ebay, Hot Topic & DSK Jewelry (just 1 necklace I was wearing though... haha...). There were Hello Kitty items in the video... :-)

Hope ya'll enjoy the videos~

I've been busy with some school stuff~ I'll try & make more videos~

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~Sherr Bear ^_^


  1. Hi Sherr,

    Thanks for following me! I love HK! So cute. Renn Fest is always a blast. Yay, I'm not the only person that likes it. Haha. Halloween is the best. Glad you found me :D

  2. Hello there! I love the Hello Kitty items that you found on ebay recently. I should check out ebay for HK bargains ^_^ I recently just started my blog as well. Take care!

  3. Lexy~ Yay! Me too! You're so sweet~ :-D

    Sunshine~ I tried to follow your blog or comment on a blog, but I can't seem to find the buttons for that... >.< (on your page)

    ~Sherr ^_^

  4. Hi Sherr! I'm loving your youtube videos and all the cute stuff you got from Ezzie :) The post did take me extra long lol I didn't know it was going to be so long until I started listing them, there's actually more but I kind of got tired.

    Yeah i'm watching Hana Kimi right now and it is super funny but cute at the same time.

    I own JS blush in Little Bouquet and Lovely Tulip and I adore them both! I actually want more but they are so pricey.

    Thanks so much for commenting and following my blog. It's nice meeting you too sweetie!

    Have a lovely day/night