Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Youtube Videos~

Hello fellow bloggers~!

I've updated my youtube channel with some new haul videos that were long overdue. Dealing with Koji (my puppy), school & work has not allowed me much time to make videos, but I managed to knock some out & hope everyone will enjoy it.

First video is a mini haul I did from a Japanese website called My Strapya World.

2nd video is my 4th installment of Hello Kitty haul. If you like bloopers, I put a couple at the end for fun because for the first time, I started messing up quite a bit while recording. Guess that's probably why I should decide what to say before I start recording... haha :-P

I've got a couple more requests that I need to work on, but we'll see how much I get done. I have quite a bit of homework to finish.

A subbie asked if I could do a Hair Care routine video of what I do with my hair after I shower & what not. I'll most likely do this sometime today.

Valentine's is coming up. Chinese New Year too & they're on the same day. Sadly, I'll be working that entire weekend. But, I thought I might do a video on a Valentine look... We'll see.

I also need to work on my 2nd video on How to Make a Friendship Bracelet, but I need a tripod or something to angle the camera... This one might have to wait. I know many people asked me to do this... :-P

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

P.S. Update on my 500 Subscribers Giveaway on Youtube. I have postponed it to 600.

~Sherr Bear ^_^

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  1. I've awarded your blog with an 'I ♥ your blog' award. Come by and check it out when you can =]