Monday, March 22, 2010

Survey from AprilAthena7's Blogger~

AprilAthena7 answered this survey, so I decided to do it as well. That way, ya'll can get to know me better. :-)

1. How has your week been going?
My week has been alright. Spring Break is over, and school starts again today. A little bummed because I worked all Spring Break, but it’s okay because school keeps me in check. :-P

2. Do you color your hair?
I used to, but after a family death about 3 years ago, I stopped.

3. What’s on your nails?
A watermelon nail design that I learned how to do from my youtube friend cutepolish. :-)

4. What are your favorite TV shows?
Ghost Whisperer

So You Think You Can Dance


Law & Order


Family Guy

The Simpsons

Will & Grace


5. Are there other cosmetics that you love as much as nail polish?
I have a collection of eyeshadows & lip products. :-P

6. Are you a fan of Nutella?

I’ve never tried it before.

7. What’s your favorite base and top coat?


8. Do you love boots? How many pairs do you own?
Boots are amazing accessories to an outfit. I have a couple pairs.

9. Would you rather spend a 2 week (all paid) vacation lounging on a beach in Fiji, touring the city streets of Japan, or rugged hiking in Australia?
Probably touring the streets of Japan because there’d be more to see. :-)

10. What is your favorite physical thing about yourself?
Face: My smile? If that counts… Haha.
Body: My hands. ^_~
Hands are the first thing I notice when I look at someone. I'm not sure why.. haha. So, I try to take good care of my hands as well.

~Sherr Bear ^_^

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