Monday, January 18, 2010


[Warning: This is a rant blog. It might contain some use of profanity, but I'll try to keep it at a minimum. You've been warned.]

I'm not sure what the new year has brought in for everyone else, but along with the love & happiness I've received within the past couple of weeks, I've also obtained some haters. I don't really know what to say. It's kind of a surprise to me since all I do is post videos on items that I purchase, my Hello Kitty collection, etc. I rarely do tutorials, only a couple when I've entered some contests.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had a certain youtube user comment on my Hard Candy make up review video. Though I've stressed over & over that this was solely based on my opinion on the make up because I have sensitive skin, I received a comment from this certain YT user on how I know nothing about make up. I'm sorry. Do I even know you? This girl knew nothing about me & started judging me right off the back saying that I obviously know nothing because the make up that I purchased were not that expensive & yada yada yada. We've been going back & forth for the past 2 weeks & i'm just tired of it. Why do people have so much time on their hands? Then, this girl had the audacity to call me an "idiot!" I'm sorry. This girl was seriously pissing me off.

I've already made my statement saying that I don't like bashing or haters. So, of course, I left one last comment to her last comment to me & I blocked her from my channel. Simple as that because like I said, I don't tolerate any crap from anyone. I'm on YT today because of the wonderful friends I've made & the nice subscribers who watch & enjoy my videos. If anyone does not like it, don't watch my videos or just stay away from my channel.

Honestly, I don't get mad very easily, but I think I have to make my point. I'd say at this point, I'm just annoyed, I'm not mad yet. Believe me when I say, if i'm mad, ya'll will be able to tell.

About an hour ago, I received a comment on my Hello Kitty Collection video (part 1). Some dude from Cali commented on my video... Do you know what he said? "what an ugly a** asian b****..where's her white man"

Seriously??? Where is all this hate coming from? Is this what the future generation is all about? HATE? I never had a problem with people voicing their opinions, but when they directly target me or any of my friends (in this case, it was me), Sherr Bear will have something to say.

I really wanted to curse the crap out of this dude because I'm wondering where were his parents. Had no one ever taught him manners? Not only did I find this offensive... No... I thought this was racism... I really can't stand people like this, and like I said before, I will not tolerate it.

So, of course, his comment was removed & he is no longer allowed back on my channel. He has been blocked from my channel. That's it. I will not sugar coat anything for rude & disrespectful people like that.

I was told by some of my fellow friends from Youtube that maybe I should take a break from YT. Though I'd agree to do so, these comments I've been getting have been for my older videos. I'm not going to stop posting videos. I will simply be blocking people from my website if I receive such comments. End of story.

~Sherr Bear


  1. Hey Sherr Bear, those negative comments can be very hurtful. My advice to you is to simply ignore them. Being online for as long as I have, I've learned from the friends I've met to simply ignore them. Nothing drives them more crazy than you not caring at all. Pretend they don't exist ~ nothing drives a hater more crazy than not being acknowledge at all. They're really not worth your time. You do make your videos for your friends, and the viewers who care what you have to say, not for anyone else.

    Keep your head up! : )



  2. Dear Steph,

    Thanks. Ya~ When I wrote this, I was pretty fed up, but after calming myself, I realized that it's really not worth my time to worry about that. I think you're right. I'll just simply ignore them from now on. Thanks for the advice girl!


    ~Sherr Bear ^_^

  3. Don't let haters get to you. I've got a really rude email about ToFebruary once, but hey, don't let them affect you! :) It's really mind boggling at first, but... you, yourself, know you are better by not being such a negative person like them. Do what you like for yourself and for those who truly support you ♥ As for haters? Forget them!